BRidging the Gap for Innovations in Disaster resilience

Nieuws - 08 november 2017 - Webredactie Communication

1st CONFERENCE OF BRIGAID PROJECT: Europe is particularly prone to natural hazards and evidence is now ever stronger that damages will increase in the future. Unfortunately, although that is a huge amount of climate adaptation innovations, many fail to reach the market.

BRIGAID (which stands for BRidging the Gap for Innovations in Disaster resilience) is a 4-year project (2016-2020) under EU Horizon2020 aimed to effectively bridge the gap between innovators and end-users in resilience to floods, droughts and extreme weather. It is being undertken by a consortium of 23 partners coordinated by TU Delft.

BRIGAID is bridging the development of innovations by addressing the two “bridgeheads”, i.e. improvement of the characteristics of innovators and enhanced consideration of the needs and requirements of end-users.

On one hand, the BRIGAID’s approach aims to advance the technical, social and market readiness of innovations simultaneously. This smoothens the development path, because technical, social and market requirements can be incorporated in the design, business model and market approach early on.

However, there is not a clear agreement on how the points of view and operating frames of end-users should be incorporated into innovation. Indeed, in some cases, innovators can even question whether these needs should be a core part of the innovation process. BRIGAID considers the role of end-users as a key element to be integrated in the innovation development. Innovation because of innovation will not provide the answers to face the challenges posed by climate change. Building on this idea, BRIGAID contemplates that the role of end-users should go beyond the supply of basic information on their main requirements and evolve into a more direct contribution to the process of developing new products and solutions. 

The BRIGAID Conference at Venice (9th and 10th October 2017) aims to provide a better insight on how to foster the role of end-users for an improved development of climate resilience innovations.

A sample of innovations supported by BRIGAID and the main BRIGAID frameworks and methods to suppot the development of innovations are going to be introduced. Moreover, a number of end-users across Europe shall present how they are coping with adaptation to increasing natural disasters. These presentations will showcase some specific case studies as example of how end-users are a key actor in bringing new products, new processes and new forms of organization into adaptation solutions to climatic events. The integration of all these aspects will be discussed in a roundtable and a plenary meeting to learn more on how and how end-users involvement can drive innovations’ scouting and implementation processes and how this involvement can be supporrted by BRIGAID. The conference includes an innovation market with pitch presentations and a exhibition area.

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