DSyS open call for joint research proposals on cyber security won by the 3ME/EWI team

Nieuws - 20 november 2017 - Webredactie Communication

The DSyS open call for joint research proposals on cyber security has been won by the 3ME/EWI team members Dr. Tamas Keviczky, Dr. Zekeriya Erkin and Mr. Lakshminarayanan Nandakumar  with their winning proposal on:


Privacy-Preserving Protocols for Online State Estimation and Machine Learning Applications 


Our current pieces of infrastructure are rapidly transitioning into Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) in order to enable increased capabilities and efficiency. Along with these developments come also a growing number of security and privacy concerns. Everyday users are producing more and more data whose processing is often outsourced to the cloud due to its greater flexibility and cost-efficiency. Since current cloud computation outsourcing practices operate over plaintexts, the privacy of the users is threatened. In this project, we create a framework that aims to jointly address the challenges persisting in both these domains (CPS and Data Science) using Homomorphic Encryption and Differential Privacy. The purpose of homomorphic encryption is to allow computation on encrypted data, rather than on plaintexts. With differential privacy, a process is introduced that adds randomness into the data, in such a way that accurate estimates can be obtained from the data while still ensuring high levels of privacy of the data. 

The jury has selected this proposal as the winner since it is among the first attempts from the systems and control community trying to solve privacy-related control and estimation problems in a cyber-physical setting and data science perspective. This work also aims to reveal other relevant security and privacy challenges for different research communities. The jury hopes that through this project, the gap between the control and cryptography communities can be bridged, and that it may lead towards a joint project proposal at the national or European level.