De Bedrijfsvrienden vormen voor het Universiteitsfonds Delft een belangrijk, inspirerend netwerk. Wij verwelkomen daarom met plezier Lunatech Labs. Samen met andere bedrijven helpt Lunatech Labs, studenten en wetenschappers van de TU Delft te laten excelleren en maken zij hiermee baanbrekend onderzoek, onderwijsvernieuwing en talentontwikkeling mogelijk.

Antoine Laffez, marketingmanager Lunatech over onze samenwerking:

“It is the reputation of excellence of TU Delft that motivated our decision to develop a partnership. These past years, several students of the TU Delft have joined our teams and have perfectly integrated within our company with their above average technical and communicative capacities. 

By being a Bedrijfsvriend  we help new talent to grow and flourish and the long-term advantage for Lunatech is to be able to understand, follow and help students on various projects. Additionally, this allows students to get to know us and interact with us. Lunatech’s ambition in being in a partnership with the TU Delft is to bridge the gap between the world of education and the professional world. 

We are happy and proud to be able to participate in this adventure together with The Delft University Fund.