Thesis on risk mitigation in location decision-making wins Student Award

Nieuws - 21 juni 2018 - Communication BK

Jeroen Meijler pitched his thesis at CoreNet Global Benelux, winning the MSc Student Award. Meijler graduated cum laude in Management in the Built Environment in October 2017. He developed a new approach, a framework that helps make real estate decisions for a longer term. 

In his research, Meijler studied the continuous changing characteristics of physical locations that pose a risk to the alignment between corporate business strategies and corporate real estate strategies. He developed a new approach to cope with the risks of these changing location characteristics on this alignment. The resulting framework incorporates future alignment in the decision-making process, which helps to make real estate decisions for a longer term.

The framework was tested in practice at Engie, and was evaluated positively. Meijler conducted the necessary field work at JLL, where he now works as a junior consultant.