A new research project has been founded. It is called the Meaningful Human Control over Automated Driving Systems project, or short MHC-ADS project. It's aim is to guide a responsible transition with increasingly complex and automated driving systems. It will assess its to be developed theory on three use cases: mixed traffic dual-mode transport, autonomous vehicles (or: pods), and truck platooning.

The theory of Meaningful Human Control is key for a responsible design of autonomous systems. Especially when operating in circumstances where human life is at stake. By preserving MHC, it is expected that human safety can be better protected. 

During the first stage of the project, an empirically and technically usable conceptual toolbox conceptual toolbox/framework will be developed. The team will isolate a minimal set of notions of control based on for example philosophy, behavioural science and engineering. At the same time, the team tries to identify the notion 'meaningfulness' as clear as possible.  

In the end, designers, manufacturers and road operators can use the results of this project and experiments for developing ADS systems. Policy makers could use the results to promote innovation and human values. There are also opportunities for licensing bodies, lawyers and insurance companies. 

You can read more about the new project here.

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