Shout out to our alumni living abroad: do you want to (help us) organise a Sinterklaas-borrel in your home town? Then join this Sinterklaas-in-a-box Event!

Event-in-box is a concept with which we help our alumni all over the world to organise their own alumni events. We send our volunteer-organiser a box which gives them all the tools they need to organise a successful event. Last summer 8 alumni gatherings were organised all over the world. This time we would love to help our alumni organise a truly Dutch Sinterklaas-evening.

What is the Sinterklaas-in-box Event exactly?
In short: a Sinterklaar-borrel: an informal, Sinterklaas-themed evening to bring alumni together. Pepernoten, speculaas and marzipan will get the Sinterklaas-spirits flowing and  a fun Sinterklaas Game will top the evening off.
The event is hosted by a local volunteer alumn, supported by TU Delft Alumni Relations. We will provide nibbles and all items for the game, but our alumni will need to pay for their own drinks.

What is expected from the volunteer-organiser?

  • Be our main point of contact for this event
  • Decide upon a date + time for the event
  • Book a location for the event
  • Be the host during the event
  • Help us spread the invitation

What will Alumni Relations do?

  • Send out the invitation for the event to alumni in our database
  • Take care of the registrations (through an online registration form)
  • Send a box with everything you need to host the event (from pepernoten to the instructions of the Sinterklaas-dice-game)

And now the big question: would you like to be volunteer-organiser and host a Sinterklaas-event for your fellow alumni in your city? Please let us know as soon as possible and we can start organising the event. You can register via this link.

Any questions? You can always contact us at