Celebrating spatial planning and strategy

Nieuws - 07 november 2019 - Communication BK

Spatial Planning & Strategy is one of the key pillars to Urbanism at TU Delft. Over the past eleven years, the integrative approach to urbanism has further solidified under the guidance of professor Vincent Nadin. A new open-access publication celebrates the achievements of the past decade.

Spatial Planning, together with Design and Technology, form key pillars to Urbanism at TU Delft. The resulting integrative approach to urbanism has a long history at the university and makes the academic profile in spatial planning highly distinctive and also highly ranked. With the appointment of professor Vincent Nadin in 2008, Spatial Planning & Strategy gathered more than twenty tenured staff members from two previously existing chairs: Spatial Planning (by professor Paul Drewe) and Urban Renewal & Management (by professor Jürgen Rosemann). 

Over the course of the past eleven years, Spatial Planning and Strategy has become a centre of excellence on multiple levels. The section deals with international and European territorial governance and policy-making, including their potential for democracy building. Additionally, expertise ranges from regional design and planning to contemporary methods of spatial planning; from spatial planning instruments and spatial planning systems and cultures to territorial evidence and impact assessment. The section builds on its strong tradition of international comparative studies, of which Vincent Nadin is a leading figure. This new publication offers a summary of the achievements of the past decade.

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The open-access book ‘Celebrating spatial planning at TU Delft 2008-2019’, edited by Dominic Stead, Gregory Bracken, Remon Rooij, and Roberto Rocco can be accessed here at BK Books.