Dream catcher

Nieuws - 11 april 2019 - Communication BK

Students from BK Bouwkunde and the Czech Technical University collaborated on applying computational techniques to design and build an architectural object with a complex form and high performance. The resulting ‘Dream catcher’ is a robotically woven bio-composite structure.

Each year, students from the Building Technology track (MSc AUBS) are challenged to collaborate with a university abroad. They are asked to collaboratively build a design in a new place as part of the Technoledge Design Informatics course. This years’ experiment was conducted in collaboration with the Czech Technical University in Prague. Students of both universities have worked together on the experiment for a period of seven weeks, with a one-week production period. The design brief: to design and fabricate a self-standing bio-composite structure, using a collaborative robot. The final result is a robotically woven bio-composite structure, with a 3.7 m diameter and 2.2 m height. The structure is (almost) fully bio-composite, containing hemp, jute, bone glue, and vegetable starch. It is designed and optimised by using computational methods and built through a robotic weaving process.

The project is presented during an open presentation in room F of BK Bouwkunde on 16 April 2019, 14:00.

Tutors: Sevil Sariyildiz, Serdar Aşut, and Friso Gouwetor (BK Bouwkunde TU Delft), Henri Achten, Kateřina Nováková, Šimon Prokop, and JirkaVele (Czech Technical University).

Support: Ladislav Lábus, Dana Matějovská, and Josef Steffel (Czech Technical University), Paul de Ruiter and Ivan Avdic (BK Bouwkunde TU Delft), Universal Robots A/S, Odense, Denmark, and Universal Robots A/S, Prague, Czech Republic (sponsors of the UR5 robot).

Students TU Delft: Aditya Parulekar, Akash Changlani, Alessandro Passoni, Alessio Vigorito, Athanasios Rodiftsis, Aviva Opsomer; Coco van Egeraat, Daniella Y.A. Naous, Divyae Mittal, Fredy Fortich Mora, Ioannis Tsionis, Jelle Emmen, Joost van Eijk, Julia Kapinga, Kazi Fahriba Mustafa, Kees Leemeijer, Konstantina Chouliara, Lieve Croonen, Maria Dimas, Max Veeger, Milou Klein, Nikoleta Sidiropoulou, Noah van den Berg, Prateek Wahi, Rahul Grover, Reji Benoy, Rick van Dijk, Ronald Rijsterborgh, Rutger Janssen, Shasan Chokshi, Steven Engels, Tarang Gupta, Thai Wannasawang, Tolga Özdemir, and Vera Koster.

Students Czech Technical University: Cuong Dovan, Daniel Jansen, Daniela Dangová, Jakub Kuča, Kashun Cho, Martin Kuncl, Tobias Feltham, and Veronika Bruncková.

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