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Nieuws - 09 december 2019 - Webmaster Hydraulic Engineering

Fact-finding study for flooding of Venice (Nov 2019) and performance of the MOSE barrier.

Venice experienced record flooding in November 2019. In this study we propose a fact-finding by TU Delft focussing on the floods and the state and performance of the MOSE barrier. A short report will be written based on public documents and internet sources. The following questions and topics will be addressed:

  • Information on the floods:
    • Meteorological background, observed storm surge, water levels rainfall and river discharge
    • Preliminary analysis of the return period of observed water levels
    • If available: general information on sea level rise scenarios for Venice
    • Indication / description of flooded areas in Venice and surrounding areas
    • Characterization (mainly qualitative) of damages reported
  • Performance of the MOSE barrier system:
    • Description  of the MOSE system and its state just before the flood,  also operational criteria
    • Operation (if any) of the MOSE barrier during the Nov 2019 floods
    • Maintenance, operation and management issues (e.g. check on reports on corrosion etc.)
  • Brief summary of follow-up actions and investigation after the floods
  • Evaluation
    • Findings, lessons learned, for flood management and storm surge barrier planning and operation.

Result: brief report 15 – 30 pages. written in English.

Work can be carried out as a student project (additional thesis, 10 ECTS) or internship. It is preferable that the student / researcher speaks Italian. A trip to Venice may be included.

Contacts: Andres Diaz Loaiza ( or Bas Jonkman (

Useful links:  BBC News and Reuters


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