Developing a digital twin for the electricity grid

Nieuws - 11 december 2019

The rapid transition to renewable energy threatens to cause major problems to the very expensive electricity grid in the Netherlands. In his quest for solutions, Professor Peter Palensky is now working on a “digital twin” to make it possible to study the grid effectively.

Imagine you have been working quietly for years in the confines of a large academic institute, and, all of a sudden, dramatic changes turn your familiar world on its head. The spotlights are pointing in your direction and suddenly all eyes are on you. What would you do?

This is exactly what happened to Peter Palensky, professor at TU Delft. His specialism – intelligent electricity grids – has suddenly become a hot topic in recent years. The rapid transition to renewable energy has raised an important question: is our existing electricity grid capable of withstanding such far-reaching changes? Palensky and his colleagues need to answer that key question to prevent the move towards increased sustainability from faltering.

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"This green revolution brings some huge problems of adaptation with it. Connecting a wind farm can completely change the dynamics of a country's electricity grid."