TPM receives funding to create a business model for a digital single marketplace

Nieuws - 04 oktober 2019 - Webredactie

TPM researchers Mark de Reuver and Anneke Zuiderwijk will be involved in the making of a standardised model to share data securely in a newly acquired H2020 project.

Open data market places are essential for European businesses to share data and improve services to their clients and keep up with international competition.  At present many national market places are operational or being established, all with their own rules and regulations and ethical issues. To keep a competitive advantage it is essential that these different projects become interoperable. In the newly acquired project ‘TRUSTS’, TPM participates in a consortium that will create a sustainable business model for a standardised TRUSTS data marketplace. The project will start per 1 January 2020 and will last for three years. In total a budget of 4 million is involved.