Van Hasselt lecture 2019

Nieuws - 12 juli 2019 - Webredactie

The theme of the yearly Van Hasselt lecture will relate to Ethics, Technology, Peace and Justice. The lecture is named after the Delft student Frans van Hasselt, who held a lecture on 23 rd November 1940 denouncing the firing of Jewish professors at the university. Frans van Hasselt was arrested by the German occupying forces and died in 1942 at the Buchenwald concentration camp.

This year’s lecture will be held by Prof. Ingrid Robeyns (UU).

The Mekel Prize
During this event, the VP Education of TU Delft Prof.dr. Rob F. Mudde will also hand out The Mekel Prize. The Mekel Prize is awarded bi-annually to students and employees of the TU Delft by the Ethics of Technology platform. With the award the platform wants to raise awareness amongst students and employees about the ethical aspects of technological developments and the responsibility of researchers and designers for taking these aspects into account.