A new vision for neuroscience

Nieuws - 03 mei 2019 - Communication ImPhys

A team of scientists at Harvard University, led by professor dr. Adam Cohen and first author dr. Yoav Adam, and including Imaging Physics’  dr. Daan Brinks, today published a paper in Nature, for the first time showing a ‘live broadcast of the brain’, ‘transforming neural electrical signals into sparks visible through a microscope.’

While many techniques exist that image brain activity, the team succeeded for the first time in making real time, high resolution videos of the underlying electrical activity in awake and behaving mice. The team is now applying this ‘voltage imaging’ technology to answer more complex neuroscientific questions. Dr. Brinks is working at ImPhys on new optical and molecular technology to achieve voltage imaging deeper in the brain and adapt it to other areas in the life sciences.

Read the full Harvard press release here.

An electrical spike shoots through a single neuron in milliseconds. Neural signals can travel from cell to cell at speeds up to 270 miles per hour, but the Cohen Lab can catch them.