Publication Boling Ouyang on integratede photonics in Optics Expresss

Nieuws - 18 augustus 2019 - Communication ImPhys

The paper of Boling Ouyang: “Integrated photonics interferometric interrogator for a ring-resonator ultrasound sensor” has been published on Optics Express. 


We present a compact integrated photonics interrogator for a ring-resonator (RR) ultrasound sensor, the so-called MediGator. The MediGator consists of a special light source and an InP Mach-Zehnder interferometer (MZI) with a 3 ×3 multi-mode interferometer. Miniaturization of the MZI to chip size enables high temperature stability and negligible signal drift. The light source has a −3 dB bandwidth of 1.5 nm, a power density of 9 dBm/nm and a tuning range of 5.7 nm, providing sufficient signal level and robust alignment for the RR sensor. The mathematical procedure of interrogation is presented, leading to the optimum MZI design. We measure the frequency response of the sensor using the MediGator, giving a resonance frequency of 0.995MHz. Further, high interrogation performance is demonstrated at the RR resonance frequency for an ultrasound pressure range of 1.47 − 442.4 Pa, which yields very good linearity between the pressure and the resulting modulation amplitude of the RR resonance wavelength. The measured signal time traces match well with calculated results. Linear fitting of the pressure data gives a sensor sensitivity of 77.2 fm/Pa. The MediGator provides a low detection limit, temperature robustness and a large measurement range for interrogating the RR ultrasound sensor.

The whole paper can be read here.