TU Delft in top 3 of Transportation Research contributors

Nieuws - 18 februari 2019

Recently a paper was published about the contributions to the Transportation Research journals. The well-known journal which consists of 6 different parts, A through F. The authors of the paper did a bibliometric overview of the included papers and the institutions. TU Delft ranks very highly in several overviews and ends up in the top 3. 

TU Delft ends up in second place in the list of ‘most productive and influential institutions in Transportation Research’, just after the University of California at Berkeley. Most universities in the top 50 are from the United States, while the two next best European universities are University of Leeds (4th) and University College London (11th). There are two other Dutch universities in the list, the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (21st) and Eindhoven University of Technology (46th).

Looking in more detail, TU Delft ends up in first place as most productive and influential institution in for Transport Research Part C: Emerging Technologies. While TU Delft scores 2nd in Part D: Transport and Environment. In Part A: Policy and Analysis TUD gets a 7th place.

Finally, considering the time span from 2012 till 2016, TU Delft is actually the best performing university. Followed by Beijing Jiaotong University and University of California at Berkeley.

Overall, this is a result of which TU Delft can be proud. Interested readers in the full paper and full details, you can access the paper here.