Discussion with fracture and damage specialist Carey Walters

Nieuws - 30 januari 2020 - Webredactie 3mE

Carey Walters, our 'fracture and damage’ specialist, tells about the difference between working as a scientist here in the Netherlands and in the United States. Originally American, Carey Walters is now section head of Ships and Offshore Structures at the Department of Maritime and Transport Technology. He teaches the course 'Strength of Ships' to sophomore Bachelor students. His research focuses on the fracture of steel due to extreme loading, for example at low temperatures or during accidents or explosions. In addition to his job at the Department of MTT, Carey Walters works at TNO, where he conducts research in the area of material failure. Walters obtained his PhD at MIT and started his career at Sikorsky Aircraft where he did research on structural crash safety in Blackhawk helicopters, among other things.

The article was published in the magazine ‘Boegbeeld’ of the student association ‘William Froude’ in their issue on ‘differences abroad’. Read the entire interview here: 'Maritiem achter de schermen‘ or download the pdf.