IEEE Open Journal on Signal Processing

Nieuws - 27 februari 2020

Dear Colleagues,

It is my pleasure to announce you that I accepted to become one of the Associate Editors of IEEE Open Journal of Signal Processing as of January 2020. I will be responsible for the papers around privacy enhancing technologies. 

As a first course of action, I would like to invite you all to consider sending your work for this journal. For your convenience, I am adding the EDICS of the Journal below. 

Looking forward to your support for this journal! 

Kind regards,



SPT - Signal Processing Theory
IMV – Image, Video & Multimedia Processing
ASL - Audio, Speech and Language Processing
IFS - Information Forensics and Security
BIO - Biomedical Signal and Image Processing
COM - Signal Processing for Communications and Networks
MLR - Machine Learning
OTH - Other Areas and SP Applications