Access to Drinking Water Webinar: co-creation in Africa #SDG6

Nieuws - 16 oktober 2020

Save the date – 26 November 2020. We proudly announce Dr. Priti Parikh, Associate Professor at University College London, as confirmed keynote speaker at the Access to Drinking Water Webinar: co-creation in Africa #SGD6 on 26 November 2020 from 14:00-17:00 (UTC+1). Dr. Parikh is an expert on water and sanitation infrastructure for resource constrained settings such as rural communities in Africa. She is also leading research on developing evidence base to link Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and infrastructure. Furthermore, the celebration of the TU Delft | Global Drinking Water Best Paper Award 2020 will take place.


Thursday 26 November 2020, 14:00-17:00 (UTC+1)   

Moderator plenary session: Sophie Oostelbos (TU Delft | Global Initiative)

13:45 – 14:00


14:00 – 14:10

Introduction by Dr. Doris van Halem (TU Delft | Global Drinking Water)

14:10 – 14:25

Investing in WASH to help the world reach the SDGs – keynote by Dr. Priti Parikh (University College London)

14:25 – 14:40


14:40 – 14:45


14:45 – 15:00

#Co-creation pitches:

- Water reclamation for irrigation in Maputo Mozambique by Celma Niquice Janeiro (TU Delft)

- Community management + by Muhammad Badrul Hasan (Utrecht University)

- Pro-poor water services: what does it mean and why is it so popular? by Akosua Boakye-Ansah (IHE Delft Institute for Water Education)

15:00 – 15:15


15:15 – 15:30

Best Paper Award ceremony

15:30 – 15:45


15:45 – 16:00

The water sector in Kenya and Africa at large – keynote by Fatma Awale (Former Minister of Water, Mombasa Country, Kenya)

16:00 – 16:15


16:15 – 16:45

Break-out sessions:

- The role of non-conventional water sources: desalination in Africa, chaired by Dr. Sergio Salinas (IHE Delft Institute for Water Education)

- Governance of local drinking water delivery systems, chaired by Dr. Frank van Laerhoven (Utrecht University)

- The role of decentralized systems in meeting drinking water targets, chaired by Dr. Edo Abraham (TU Delft)

16:45 – 17:00

Report-out and closure

This webinar is organised by TU Delft | Global Drinking Water, together with IHE Delft Institute for Water Education and Utrecht University Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development. Each of these institutes is motivated to make a tangible contribution to achieving SDG #6 “Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.” With this event these partners aim to reflect on the progress made in reaching SDG 6 so far and to emphasize the importance of collaboration and co-creation in achieving global goals. 

The scientific committee of the event is formed by Dr. Doris van Halem (Delft University of Technology), Dr. Edo Abraham (Delft University of Technology), Dr. Sergio Salinas Rodríguez (IHE Delft Institute for Water Education), and Dr. Frank van Laerhoven (Utrecht University).

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Dr. Doris van Halem

Dr. Edo Abraham

Dr. Sergio Salinas Rodríguez

Dr. Frank van Laerhoven