Delta Futures Lab

Nieuws - 19 maart 2020

After the successful kick-off in September 2019, Delta Futures lab established interdisciplinary thesis circles on three themes: Future flood defences, Urban Adaptation, and New Netherlands. The fourth theme, Integrated River Management is currently taking shape focussing on resilience for the Meuse river.

In Futures flood defences, students from hydraulic engineering and industrial ecology team up with ecologists from Wageningen University to develop the Delta21 flood protection and pumped hydroelectric storage project in the Haringvliet. Urban adaptations attracts students from technology, policy and management and water management that work on climate adaptation in Rotterdam and the Hague. Under New Netherlands, water management and AMS students develop plans that prepare Amsterdam and the Zuidplas polder for high end sea level rise.

The coming months Delta Futures lab will focus on strengthening the involvement of TU Delft researchers and professors and guide the students in the four themes towards their interdisciplinary results.

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