TU Delft Sports Engineering Institute is a Certified Partner of SportInnovator

Nieuws - 02 november 2020

TU Delft Sports Engineering Institute is recognised as a Certified Partner of SportInnovator. This makes the institute an important part of the SportInnovator ecosystem. Sportinnovator is the national programme for sports innovation, initiated by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, and managed by the Topteam Sport.

The different centres of SportInnovator cooperate with each other in the field of innovation developments and act as drivers of innovation in the field of sports & physical activity in the Netherlands and abroad. The Certified Partner label guarantees the quality and uniqueness of the centre within the network. The certificates were awarded by Top team members Maurits Hendriks (Chef de Mission NOC*NSF) and Harry van Dorenmalen (former CEO IBM Benelux).