Best Paper Award for contribution to IoT systems and edge computing

Nieuws - 09 december 2020 - Webredactie

TPM researcher Aaron Ding recently received the Best Paper Award from ACM SenSys CCIoT 2020. The awarded paper "MirageManager: Enabling Stateful Migration for Unikernels", authored by Vittorio Cozzolino, Oliver Flum, Aaron Ding, and Jörg Ott, is a solid collaboration between TU Delft and TU Munich to bridge the gap in IoT Edge Computing in terms of migration support. The developed system MirageManager is able to lower the service downtime by ~80%, and drastically reduce the state transfer data by almost ~100% when comparing against the state-of-the art solutions.

About the ACM SenSys
ACM SenSys is an international leading venue with workshops and PhD forum for research on system issues of IoT sensing and sensor-enabled smart systems. The conference of 2020 is the 18th series of SenSys. With its cross-disciplinary and a wide array of application areas, the contributions to SenSys are judged on the basis of the originality of the research, technical rigor, relevance and extended impact to system development.