TU Delft team wins Supply Chain and Logistics Competition

Nieuws - 28 mei 2020 - Webredactie

MoT student Angginta Ramdani, Kartika Nurhayati, PhD candidate of the faculty of TPM, and TIL student Andrian Wicaksono (TPM/CEG), competed successfully in the supply chain and logistics competition. The team that represented TU Delft can be proud because they won the first prize out of seven finalists. Due to COVID-19 lockdown restrictions the host country United Arab Emirates organised a virtual competition from January to March 2020.

Humanitarian Logistics

Kartika: “We developed a case study on Humanitarian Logistics for the Ebola Virus Outbreak. When we chose this topic, they were not aware that this case would be highly relevant during the current Covid-19 pandemic crisis.” Based on lessons learned from the Ebola crisis in West Africa in 2014, the team developed a framework of metrics and action plans for a strengthened and resilient humanitarian supply chain replicable to most world regions facing an epidemic and public health emergencies.

Digital Supply Chain

During the final round in March, the team developed a holistic case that illustrates the application of the Digital Supply Chain (DSC) concept, also known as Supply Chain 4.0, to analyse and propose a strategy (plan) to support the transition from a ‘traditional’ to a ‘digital’ supply chain. They chose to develop a case study of an Indonesian local dairy firm which aimed to seize the expanding dairy market.

Virtual competition experience

The team won the competition after having effectively structured and communicated video presentations, applying supply chain and logistics theory, concepts, methods and tools to solve complex supply chain and logistics issues.  “It was a great opportunity for us to join in this competition since it trained us to use the methods we learn at TU Delft to solve real world problems”, says Kartika. The team was fully sponsored by both the faculty of TPM and CEG to travel to the United Emirates for the final round of the contest, but the corona virus threw a spanner in the works. Kartika: “That was a bit of a downer and we did miss the fun part of networking and meeting fellow contestants in real-life. On the other hand the virtual contest made it easy to manage our schedules and of course it is a greener alternative to a physical conference”.  

Organisers of the competition

The Supply Chain and Logistics Competition was organised by:
The IEOM (Industrial Engineering and Operation Management) society and the Centre for Supply Chain Improvement, University of Derby, UK.