We have a new Tenure Tracker at the Safety and Security Science Group: Ming Yang

Nieuws - 19 juni 2020 - Webredactie

Dr. Ming Yang joined the Safety and Security Section on June.1st, 2020. Dr. Yang has a varied background in safety and risk engineering, chemical and materials engineering, environmental engineering, and management. Having received his bachelor’s degrees in Chemical and Materials Engineering, and Business Administration from Shanghai University, in 2006, he moved to Newfoundland, Canada, to study Environmental System Engineering. Later he earned his Ph.D. in Oil and Gas Engineering with a specialty in operational and environmental risk management. In 2012, Dr. Yang started his academic career at the Centre for Risk, Integrity, and Safety Engineering, where he had further developed his knowledge and expertise in process safety and marine safety. Having studied and worked for 11 years in Canada, Dr. Yang decided to move to Kazakhstan and joined Nazarbayev University as an Assistant Professor in 2017. There he established, literally, the first safety and risk engineering research group in Kazakhstan.

His growing interest in safety and risks science and engineering has brought him to his new home in the Safety and Security Section. He will continue his journey to investigate safety and risk principles and methods, promote accident prevention and risk-based approaches in hazardous industries, and teach the next generation of engineers to not to wait until an accident to learn and act.