Two articles in ultrafast electron microscopy by Lixin Zhang

Nieuws - 14 februari 2020 - Communication ImPhys

Lixin Zhang, guest student in the groups of Pieter Kruit and Jacob Hoogenboom, has published two papers on pulsed sources for ultrafast electron microscopes (UEMs). In the first article, Lixin compared all different sources that are in use for UEM, both from a theoretical perspective and based on published characterization. This allowed providing guidelines for the best choice of source for particular applications.

In the other article, Lixin analysed how beam deflection over an aperture, which is used in the Delft UEM, influences the beam focus on the sample. Both articles appeared open acces;

Photoemission sources and beam blankers for ultrafast electron microscopy appeared in Structural Dynamics (where it was highlighted as Editor’s Pick) and Beam displacement and blur caused by fast electron deflection in Ultramicroscopy. Lixin will now apply for admission to the PhD examination at his home university in China.