Working on accelerating the energy transition

Nieuws - 19 januari 2022

On its 180th anniversary in January, TU Delft will reflect on its role in the energy transition, and especially on how to accelerate it. This is a complex issue with the ultimate goal of a safe and reliable energy system. A team of 10 scientists gives this acceleration a face.

The energy transition is a ‘wicked problem’, explains Prof. Deborah Nas (Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering), the Coordinator of the Delft Accelerator Team. “It has many different facets that are often interrelated and often counteract each other. Moreover, everything changes over time and you cannot test solutions in isolation.” That seems an insoluble issue but because of the urgency, the lustrum committee that is organising TU Delft’s 180th anniversary chose it anyway. And in particular: the acceleration of the energy transition.

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