Women making waves: an online exhibition

Nieuws - 15 februari 2021

On the 2021 International Day of Women and Girls in Science, Women's History Month, and International Women's Day the Library and DEWIS celebrate TU Delft’s female scientists by highlighting some of the outstanding female faculty we have at our university. In this online exhibition you can meet these campus leaders through their intellectual ideas, giving you a glimpse into how these women impact society as leading researchers as well as inspire future female scientists, many by taking on gender challenges in their own research and teaching.
You can meet and learn more about women in science on campus and through history, brush up on some of the latest research into bias and challenges faced by women making a career in science, participate in an implicit bias test, and examine your own role in inclusivity and diversity on campus and in your career. 
Voices of Women in Science: An introduction to contemporary TU women faculty through their research and advice to the next generation of aspiring female scientists