Designing Intelligence Lab

Nieuws - 26 januari 2021 - Communication

As the pace of societal, environmental, and technological change increases the nature of design problems has become more complex, with many stakeholders and disciplines often involved. Designing our future requires knowledge and expertise that is beginning to lie beyond even our best designers so the Designing Intelligence Lab (DI_Lab) will explore how human and non-human designers can work together creatively to meet the challenge of this new complexity.

Our aim is to design the methods and tools for human and artificial intelligence to work together creatively over extended periods of time. We will develop new multimodal techniques to study how designers collaborate in creative processes through language, gaze, gesture, and prototype-oriented dialogue. Using the insights and data obtained, we will train artificial agents and social robots – robots that are designed to interact with people – to explore different types of creative processes and problems in collaborating with human designers.

We will apply our findings to complex problems in application areas such as health, mobility, and sustainability. Our end goal is to move the idea of design thinking into the realm of artificial intelligence and thus help not just design professionals, but also others engaged in multi-stakeholder design processes.

We are humans and AI designing the future in dialogue

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