Emma van Zoelen invited to the HRI Pioneers workshop

Nieuws - 22 februari 2021 - Communication

Emma van Zoelen has been invited to join the HRI Pioneers workshop, which will be held online in conjunction with the 2021 International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction (8th – 12th of March).
The Pioneers workshop aims to bring together early career researchers in HRI, to support discussion of their research among each other as well as to introduce them and their work to the community (www.hripioneers.info). Emma will be presenting her vision on HRI, as well as her ongoing PhD research on Human-Robot Co-Learning. With her research, she aims to investigate how to study and enable a continuing human-robot co-learning process for advanced team performance. She has studied how interactions develop in contexts where a human and a robot both have to implicitly adapt to each other, and will continue to study how observed interaction patterns can be used to sustain this implicitly learned behavior over time and context.
To get an idea of her work and of what she will be talking about during the Pioneers workshop, watch the teaser video!

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