Two new IEEE transaction papers from ENS faculty

Nieuws - 01 februari 2021 - Communication

Attention! Two new top-notch journal publications from our ENS faculty: Dr. Georgios Iosifidis. These are:

  1. Víctor Valls, Georgios Iosifidis, and Leandros Tassiulas, Birkhoff’s Decomposition Revisited: Sparse Scheduling for High-Speed Circuit Switches, IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking (to appear);
  2. Jeongho Kwak, Georgios Paschos, and Georgios Iosifidis, Elastic Femtocaching: Scale, Cache, and Route, IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications (to appear).

Both papers will appear in 2021 and pre-prints will appear soon at Dr. Georgios Iosifidis' website. Congratulations. Go ENS! Go George!