'Goodscope' wins Albert Schweitzer Audience Award 2021

Nieuws - 13 oktober 2021

On Saturday October 9th, Layco Medical Devices won the Albert Schweitzer Audience Award of €1,000 with their Goodscope. The 'Goodscope' is a video laryngoscope that medical professionals use to insert a breathing tube for surgery or when a patient does not receive enough oxygen, especially developed for low-resource settings. 

Layco Medical Devices founder Dieuwertje Drexhage was doing an internship at a hospital in Kenya when she encountered a graveyard of discarded surgical tools. Drexhage recognized the need for affordable and reusable surgical tools that could be applied in hospitals in LMIC (Low- and Middle Income Countries) settings. She completed her graduation internship under the Surgery for all group led by dr. Jenny Dankelman where her internship supervisor had devised the 'goodscope'. This video laryngoscope was to be user-friendly which does meet the local needs in for example Africal clinics. Layco Medical Devices - Drexhage's start-up developing the Goodscope - is now in the process of performing last tests and research and gaining market entry in order to begin producing the Goodscope on a larger scale. 

Layco Medical Devices: "The award is a great recognition, and brings us one step closer to our goal, of making healthcare affordable for all."


See how founder Dieuwertje Drexhage discusses her dream and the Goodscope at the 2021 Opening Academic Year in the video below!

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