Jeremy Faludi wins 2021 Sustainable Practice Impact Award

Nieuws - 31 maart 2021 - Communication

Jeremy Faludi, Assistant Professor of Design for Sustainability, at TU Delft’s Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering has been awarded the VentureWell 2021 Sustainable Practice Impact Award. As one of the biggest US non-profit organisations driving entrepreneurship for engineering students, VentureWell awards this annual prize to individuals, companies or institutions that develop clean technologies, implement sustainable practices, or provide exceptional educational opportunities.

At the acceptance speech during VentureWell’s OPEN conference, Jeremy highlighted that the very reason he got into design was to do sustainable design.  Specifically, he points to the fact that many important sustainability decisions get made by business managers and in that respect he was happy to work with VentureWell to make his tools available to entrepreneurs for the “magical case where the business managers are the engineers or designers.”

As a career achievement award, the prize was awarded to Jeremy in recognition of the impact he has had on numerous students, professionals and faculty members, both in the US and here at TU Delft. Among his achievements, Jeremy has created resources, online courses and workshops for several institutions, as well as having taught product design in academia for over twelve years. Through these activities and his research, he has developed sustainable design toolsets and frameworks that are currently used all over the world to make a positive change.

Congratulations to Jeremy!

Visit VentureWell’s page to read more about his award, work and research themes.