Opening keynote at ECCE 2021 by Prof. Elisa Giaccardi

Nieuws - 22 april 2021 - Communication

ECCE 2021 is the 32nd Annual Conference of the European Association of Cognitive Ergonomics. It is the leading conference in human-media interaction and cognitive ergonomics.

This year IDE professor Elisa Giaccardi will open the conference with a keynote on "Autonomous Technologies and the Challenges of Probabilistic Design”. She will illustrate (via projects by her research team) what it means for designers to establish agency as a foundational part of digital design, as once was the notion of function for industrial design. She will explain why it is so important and ethically imperative to attend to how agency is configured in everyday life across human and artificial actors (or "co-performance") as a decentralised act of design with probabilistic outcomes.

Elisa's keynote contributes to ECCE 2021's guiding theme: ‘Designing virtual and physical interactive systems’. Today's technologies allow new interactive opportunities and access to digital media, services and smart products. These call for new methodological insights, ethical reflections, and sustainable practices openings unexplored perspectives.

ECCE 2021 takes place (virtually) from 26-29 April. For more information and to register, click here.