IDE researchers make waves

Nieuws - 25 maart 2021 - Communication

IDE researchers Derek Lomas and Elif Özcan Vieira have recently been interviewed about their research on sound design. Guest of the Pitch & Sync podcast, Derek spoke about the effect of music on the human brain, and about the influence music has on emotions, while in the latest episode of the Quiet Mark podcast, Elif told the story of how audible, visual and haptic information design is investigated at the Critical Alarms Lab.


What’s happening to our brains when we’re lost in music? Derek Lomas actually has an answer. New developments in psychology, neurology and AI mean that scientists like him are closer than ever to understanding the amazing effects that music has on human beings.  Listen to Derek in this “Feeling Music” podcast episode from Pitch & Sync about sonics and emotion, in which he talks about why and how music affects people psychologically, physically and emotionally.

Don't be alarmed!

Elif Ozcan Vieira is currently working mainly in the fields of space operations, and healthcare. As the director of the Critical Alarms Lab (CAL), she aims to shape the future of product-user interactions in complex environments through audible, visual, and haptic information design. In this episode of the Quiet Mark Podcast, Elif talks about the experience of working with Yoko Sen to transform the sounds of alarms in hospitals, making them less stressful and creating a more natural-sounding environment.