Get to know this year’s IDE-backed Student Teams

Nieuws - 20 mei 2021 - Communication

Every year IDE, along with other faculties and organisations, supports a number of TU Delft’s Student Teams. This year (2020/2021) the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering is sponsoring Aerodelft, Eco-Runner, Forze, Delft Hyperloop, Project March, and TU Delft Solar Boat Team.

Why do we sponsor them?

We believe in our students and we want to help them succeed in any way that we can. We’ve seen time and time again how valuable these projects are. Not only from an educational standpoint but also from a global one too. The student teams excel in what they do and word of this spreads far and wide. So not only do we help the students, but they also help put TU Delft on the map.

What do students gain from this experience?

Every team is made up of incredibly talented students, who are responsible for everything from team management to the design and production of their inventions. During their time with the student teams, they develop invaluable skills, lifelong friendships, and lasting memories.

They learn how to work in teams, crush deadlines, outmanoeuvre competing parties, solve technical problems, defy financial constraints, amongst other things. Each moment is a learning opportunity that helps shape them into true Delft designers.

Aside from many new skills, the students get to experience a plethora of unique moments. For example, they attend (and in many cases win) international competitions and they act as catalysts for design breakthroughs.

Get to know the teams!

IDE Students

Lukas Bannink
Savanne Klop 
Merel Hoogma 
Martine van den Boogaart 
Eva van Houwelingen 

About Project March

“Project MARCH is a student team of the TU Delft which is involved in the development of a user-friendly and versatile exoskeleton, a motorized robotic suit, that can be used to get people with a spinal cord injury to stand up and walk again. Currently, the biomedical technology for exoskeletons is in a stadium where people who are paralyzed or have poorly functioning legs are still bound to a wheelchair for the rest of their lives. Project MARCH wants to change this!”

To find out more about Project March, visit their website.

IDE Students

Laura Hurenkamp 
Anna Koper
Bouwe Theijse

About TU Delft Solar Boat Team

“This year we have an ambitious new plan. We, as the TU Delft Solar Boat Team 2021, are building a hydrogen boat. We call this project Hydro Motion. With this boat we will race next summer in the open sea class during the world championships in Monaco. We want to inspire the entire maritime industry by showing what is possible with a hydrogen-powered boat. Together we can take the necessary steps towards sustainable shipping.”

To find out more about TU Delft Solar Boat Team 2021, visit their website.

IDE Students

Puck Gerritse 
Maxime Iserief 
Cato van Leeuwen 
Kamran Rahmani 

About Delft Hyperloop

“We are developing a climate-neutral, scalable Hyperloop system, becoming the fifth mode of transportation by reaching speeds over 1000 km/h. With a team of 39 highly motivated students from various disciplines of the Delft University of Technology, we will prove the technical and commercial viability of the Hyperloop concept. Together they combine their knowledge and expertise to bring Hyperloop technology and the concept to the next level.”

To find out more about Delft Hyperloop, visit their website.

IDE Students

Jan-Willem van Zwieten 
Roxana de Nie 
Daniëlle Goense 
Eeke Cramwinckel 
Alejandro Lázaro Bilbao 
Karel Brans 

About Aerodelft

“Phoenix is the world’s first liquid hydrogen fuel cell aircraft where we remove the emissions altogether by powering our aircraft with the lightest of all elements: hydrogen. Although Project Phoenix starts as a world’s first, we firmly believe that the aviation industry needs to follow our example. In the summer of 2021, Phoenix PT will make its maiden voyage. From September 2020, work will begin on a full-scale, two-person hydrogen-powered aircraft: Phoenix FS. A gaseous hydrogen-powered aircraft is set to fly in 2022, followed by its liquid hydrogen counterpart in 2024.”

To find out more about Aerodelft, visit their website.

IDE Students

Odile Niers 
Malou Nods 
Karien de Jonge 

About Forze

“Forze is a racing team of 25 full-time students and 35 part-time students. Together they work on the development of a race car on hydrogen. Forze has been around for 14 years, the team’s composition changes every year, and every race car they make is more innovative than its predecessor. With their car they don’t compete in student races, no they join official GT-races on world renowned tracks like Zandvoort and Assen. The team’s ultimate dream: competing in Le Mans. The current team is working on the Forze IX, their ninth race car already.”

To find out more about Forze, visit their website.

IDE Students

Sieb Rodenburg 
Nikki van Oppenraay 

About Eco-Runner

“In August 2020 the new Eco-Runner Team Delft, consisting of 23 students from TU Delft, has started working on the Eco-Runner XI. By building a hydrogen powered city car we aim to contribute to a sustainable future. In the past the Eco-Runner participated in the Shell Eco-marathon Prototype class competition where the goal is to cover a certain distance with the least amount of hydrogen. Since last year we are competing in a more challenging competition; the Urban Concept class. This challenge offers us the opportunity to design and build an efficient hydrogen powered vehicle that is closer in appearance to modern city cars: a step closer to a future with sustainable mobility.”

To find out more about Eco-Runner, visit their website.