Farewell Symposium Theun Baller

Nieuws - 07 juli 2022 - Webredactie 3mE

During the farewell symposium on June 30th ‘our faculty’ said goodbye to Theun Baller as dean. Participants enjoyed a lively get-together where Theun was honored for his significance and as founder of the cohesion projects.

Chairwoman Tonke de Jong moderated the symposium in a professional and passionate way

Theun always was approachable and knew how to make people grow.

Five ‘cohesion duo’s’ gave dazzling presentations about their cohesion projects.

During the demo fair in the entrance hall of our faculty participants were surprised by ice creams made of nitrogen, a VR demo, folding origami, an exoskeleton that relieves the back and trying out a arm prosthesis.