Ecocity World Summit workshop

Nieuws - 26 januari 2022 - Circular Built Environment Hub

How does a circular building environment touch on societal values such as social justice, well being, and citizen participation? Join the discussion in our interactive workshop 'Socio-spatial consequences of transitioning to a circular built environment', which is part of the Ecocity World Summit 2022 on 22 February. 

Organised by the Circular Built Environment Hub (CBE Hub) at Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, TU Delft, this interactive workshop will explore the impact of a circular economy on the social domain, specifically in the context of the built environment. Together with participants, we aim to map out the impact of existing circular built environment research on social values such as social equity, employment, health, and sense of place. By the end of the workshop, we hope to formulate a research agenda based on social values for the circular built environment.  

Researchers and practitioners curious about the social impact of a circular built environment are welcome to join. No expertise in the social domain is needed, everyone is welcome.

Practical information

Workshop 'Socio-spatial consequences of transitioning to a circular built environment: towards new research agendas' 
22 February 2022, 19:00-20:30 CET | Online

The workshop is part of the Ecocity World Summit 2022.
For further information and registration, please visit the Ecocity World Summit website.