Expert Workshop on Reverse Logistics for Circular Building Products

Nieuws - 26 april 2022 - Communication BK

The transition to a Circular Economy is increasingly urgent in the construction and built environment industries and pressure will grow on companies and individuals to find new roles within more circular and sustainable value chains. The establishment of reverse logistics for the recovery of materials provides great opportunities for new types of businesses and for value creation. They are also crucial if we want to meet circular economy objectives. This workshop will enable you to assess your product strategy in terms of circularity and specifically on the potential of reverse logistics and help you develop integrated strategies for reverse logistics within your business.

This collaborative practical online workshop is designed for architects, engineers, and professionals from all backgrounds who are involved in ensuring that the construction and management of our buildings and cities has an improved environmental impact. 

It is organised in three thematic sessions which combine short lectures and practical collaborative webinars.

Further information and enrollment

Start: 9 June 2022 | Enrollment open until: 2 June 2022

Expert Workshop on Reverse Logistics for Circular Building Products