The Berlage Theory Master Class

Nieuws - 02 mei 2022 - Communication BK

The Berlage is pleased to announce its upcoming theory master class entitled “Alive and Kicking: The Body Quick,” led by Francesca Hughes in collaboration with Miguel Rodriguez-Casellas.

Students will explore how the newly quick body might resuscitate and disrupt the performance of past bodies and their architectural productions; and in so doing suggest a renewed fertility in architecture’s body discourses. Through a series of “alive” research actions in the first week and then “kicking” shared labors in the second week, students will employ their combined physical bodies to reoccupy architecture’s many historic bodies, themselves a motley zombie collective, and make them kick again. The two weeks Master class “Alive and Kicking: The Body Quick” will be complemented by a series of public lectures and a public event and exhibition.

Practical information

Public events of the Master class “Alive and Kicking: The Body Quick”:

Wednesday, 11 May 11:00, Room K
“The Xenofeminist Body”
Public lecture by Grandeza Studio

Friday, 13 May 12:45, Room K
“The Surveilled Body”
Public lecture by Endriana Audisho

Friday, 20 May 16:00, Oostserre
"The Day of the Kick"
Concluding public event and exhibition
Discussants: Francesca Hughes, Salomon Frausto, Marina Otero, Patricia Reed, and other international guests.

Header image: John Shute, The First and Chief Grounds of Architecture, London, 1563.
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