Vening Meinesz Medal is awarded to Peter J. G. Teunissen

Nieuws - 27 mei 2022 - Secretariaat


The 2022 Vening Meinesz Medal is awarded to Peter J. G. Teunissen for pioneering and influential work ranging from fundamental geodetic theory to breakthrough innovations in Global Navigation Satellite System modelling and precise positioning.

Peter Teunissen’s recognized contributions are vast and diverse, ranging from fundamental geodetic theory, such as his reliability theory on quality control, to geospatial infrastructures and precise positioning with Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS). Teunissen is founding father of the geodetic reliability theory of mixed-integer inference. His unified theory has been instrumental in the development of precise satellite positioning, navigation and timing, and many of its principles lie at the heart of the GNSS algorithms in use today. Teunissen’s breakthrough contributions, combined with his ability to turn his fundamental work into applied use and innovation, have significantly fueled international research. His famous LAMBDA method invented in the 90s is a case in point. Characteristically, he not only invented the method, but he followed up with a formal proof of its optimality. The LAMBDA method revolutionized high precision GNSS positioning and helped expand GNSS-science and its applications to ubiquitous use.

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