Presentations available - 2022 DEWIS Symposium

Nieuws - 17 november 2022

The 2022 DEWIS Symposium with the title ‘Gendered and Inclusive Research and Innovation (GIRI) in Science,
Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)’ took place on 14 November 2022

To make women, people with an ethnical background or older people etc. visible in our research and innovation, we need to include the diversity of human-beings to its full extend. GIRI puts the diversity of humans centre-stage.

Claudia Werker (TU Delft), introduced the terms used and shared some interesting examples and first insights at TU Delft. TU Delft is the first university in the world to have GIRI in STEM part of TU Delft‘s strategic priorities.


Claudia Werker

Carmen Leicht-Scholten (RWTH Aachen University), gave a presentation about Socially Responsible Perspectives on Data, Algorithms and Digitalization and showed us the complexity. Societal challenges are asking for socially
responsible solutions. We need interdisciplinary approaches  and education in the field of ethics and gender/ and diversity, and intersectionality to solve these huge challenges.

Carmen Leicht-Scholten

Mara Tanelli (Politecnico Milano), gave a presentation about Inclusive and smart mobility. She introduced us to the fair model predictive control system that represents an innovative tool to design fair policies that quantitatively account for social justice.

Mara Tanelli

David Abbink (TU Delft) made us realise that gendered and inclusive research and innovation requires space, time, reflection and respect for other types of knowledge in his presentation about inclusive robotics at work.

David Abbink

The participants discussed in groups how to turn research projects in GIRI projects. How does your research affect human beings along the process? Does diversity of human beings play a role in your research, e.g. gender, age, social background? Do you include them, e.g. consider their needs or talk to them? When do you do so and how?

David Keyson, TU Delft Diversity Officer
Ena Voûte

Thank you for participating and we hope to see you next year!