Partnership launched between e-Refinery and the HyET Group to develop decarbonisation technologies

Nieuws - 01 oktober 2022 - Communication e-Refinery

TU Delft e-Refinery has entered into a partnership with HyET E-Trol and HyET NoCarbon to develop  and scale up electrolysis and carbon capture and utilization technologies.

To develop new technology for water electrolysis

e-Refinery and HyET E-Trol will work together to develop and scale up next-generation electrolyser and component technologies for the production of green hydrogen. They will focus on the development of low-temperature anion exchange membrane (AEM)-based electrolyser technologies.

To develop new technology for the capture and conversion of CO2

In addition, e-Refinery and HyET NoCarbon, will work together to scale up and commercialise low-temperature carbon dioxide capture and utilisation technologies.

TU Delft

Researchers involved at TU Delft are Willem Haverkort, Hanieh Bazyar, Tom Burdyny and David Vermaas from the departments of Product and Process Engineering (PPE) and Chemical Engineering.

HyET Group

HyET Group companies are active in the field of decarbonisation. HyET E-Trol develops low-cost, high-efficiency electrolytic systems for low-cost green hydrogen production and HyET NoCarbon focuses on developing new low-cost technologies for carbon dioxide capture, carbon dioxide utilisation and ammonia cracking, ammonia fuel cells and ammonia synthesis.

This collaboration is funded by HyET E-Trol and HyET NoCarbon and a PPS allowance from ChemistryNL.