Els de Busser is giving a talk on Digital Justice

Nieuws - 13 juni 2022 - Communication

On the 4th of July Dr. Els de Busser, an expert on Digital Justice will give a talk:

Securing Fundamental Rights and Freedoms in a Digital Context

The digitalization of many aspects of society has a profound impact on governance, on processes, and on decision-making. The area of justice – traditionally laid down in old conventions, laws, norms and paper files – is particularly affected. In fact, in the past years we have redefined and still are redefining the way that justice is delivered and is received. The growing field of Digital Justice zooms in on the security-related effects of digitalization on the two larger components of justice: the institutions and infrastructures of the justice system on the one hand and the content or the substantive aspects of justice including human rights, the rule of law and democracy on the other hand.

Dr. Els De Busser is Assistant Professor Cybersecurity Governance at the Institute of Security and Global Affairs at Leiden University. She teaches courses on a broad range of topics including digital justice, data protection and privacy, legal aspects of cyber security and European criminal law. She specializes in multidisciplinary education and research.