The cybersecurity group has been granted a 3-year project

Nieuws - 06 juli 2022 - Communication

The cybersecurity group @ EEMCS has been granted a 3-year project by Horizon Europe w.r.t. “World leading data and computing technologies”. The project is called TANGO, aiming to establish a safer cross-sector data sharing, in a citizen-centric, secure and trustworthy manner. It is uniquely positioned to provide a high impact solution within the transport, e-commerce, finance, public administration, tourism and industrial domains supporting numerous beneficiaries across Europe. A trustworthy environment will be designed acting as a gatekeeper to information and data flows. Citizens and public/private organisations will be empowered to act and interact providing data online and offline.

Acting as the technical coordinator, we will provide: the deployment of trustworthy, accountable and privacy-preserving data sharing technologies and platforms, and the security analysis; the creation of data governance models and frameworks; and the improvement of data availability, quality and interoperability – both in domain-specific settings and across sectors.