IDE hosts TU Delft-Stanford ‘City & Mobility Research Roundtable’

Nieuws - 24 november 2022 - Communication

On 9 November 2022, TU Delft and Stanford hosted the “City & Mobility Research Roundtable”. 

The event was a success and provided a platform to discuss future research collaboration opportunities in the domain of mobility, smart city, sustainability, human urban interaction, design thinking, and entrepreneurship. Not only that, but it also gave the mobility-related design researchers in attendance a chance to get to know one another through a series of talks, networking opportunities, and more.

Caspar Chorus, Dean of IDE, set the day into motion by welcoming participants to the event. His words were followed by opening remarks from Euiyoung Kim (IDE / TU Delft) and Soh Kim (Stanford). Following this, a number of researchers spoke about the projects they were working on, including IDE researchers:

  • Suzanne Hiemstra (Assistant Professor) on Humanity-Centred Mobility
  • Garoa Beldarrain, Alexander Nieuwborg & Aniek Toet (PhD Candidates) on Accelerating Innovation (TU Delft-Schiphol Airport collaboration)
  • Euiyoung Kim (Assistant Professor) on Designing for Dynamic Stability
  • Achilleas Psyllidis (Assistant Professor) on Active travel and the x-minute city: From proximity to accessibility to co-accessibility 
  • Elmer van Grondelle (Associate Professor) on People in Transit Minor & City of Rotterdam Collaboration, Mobility | Society 
  • Rebecca Price (Assistant Professor) on  iTree 2.0: Designing adaptive cities that flow
  • Sicco Santema (Professor) on How journey thinking contributes to the seamlessness of the traveling
  • Nicole van Nes (Professor) on Automated Driving

Besides being a captivating day full of inspiring talks and information, this event also marks the beginning of future collaborations between TU Delft and Stanford. In fact, the next in-person event has already been set and will take place next May in California at the Stanford University campus. There will be more updates on this in the months to come.