Best teachers of the year 2021-2022

Nieuws - 20 mei 2022 - Webredactie

Donderdag 19 mei heeft Neelke Doorn, director of education, in samenwerking met studievereniging Curius de “Teacher of the Year Award" van faculteit Techniek, Bestuur en Management uitgereikt aan Tom Vroegrijk. Ook Roel Dobbe (I&C), Jan Anne Annema (T&L), Rob Stikkelman (E&I), Haiko van der Voort (MSc EPA), Roland Ortt (MSc MOT), Caspar Chorus (MSc CoSEM) vielen in de prijzen.

Winner I&C track: Roel Dobbe

He is known for giving his interactive lectures with lots of enthusiasm. Students loved his sharp discussions about the societal consequences on technologies such as AI.  

Winner T&L track: Jan Anne Annema

A men very well-known and respected within the faculty and the T&L track. We love his communication speed and skills on Brightspace and his email: within seconds you have a reaction! He can be a bit confused around the time an exam starts, but he makes sure the students always have the confidence to go on.

Winner E&I track: Rob Stikkelman

This man manages to make his lectures within the E&I track exciting and not all boring. He is known for his willingness to help and his open attitude towards students. He even motivated the students by handing out chocolate Easter eggs during the exam!

Winner MSc CoSEM: Caspar Chorus

This teacher is described by some students as 'the best teacher I ever had'. The way he speaks during his lectures is really inspiring and understandable.

Winner MSc EPA: Haiko van der Voort

This teacher is truly be involved with his students. You can even come up to him with personal matters and he always listens with care. His passion for education really comes across in his lectures which makes it easy to focus during lectures. And he is an amazing foodball player.

Winner MSc MOT: Roland Ortt

This teacher has lots of experience in the professional world of MOT. He uses this in his lectures as anecdotes and personal stories, which makes it easy to listen and makes the lectures really engaging. One student described him as "The first teacher I've ever had that has managed to grasp my full attention since COVID."

Overall winner: Tom Vroegrijk

He is known for is humor, lively lectures, complaining a little about his wife and above all: his collection of LEGO. His exceptional talent to keep hard maths simple and understandable for first year students, helps them feel comfortable in the first period in Delft.