Access to Altair’s simulation, data analytics and high-performance computing solutions

Nieuws - 30 januari 2023

As an extension of our long-standing cooperation, an agreement has been signed with Altair for Simulation and Data Analytics for a period of 5 years. TU Delft and supercomputer DelftBlue can use all applications in Altair's portfolio for research and education. The necessary license for these applications is available through the central license servers of TU Delft.  

More interest in simulation
‘After the start of DelftBlue, more students and faculty members became interested in simulation,’ says Frans Broos, faculty ICT manager EEMCS/DHPC. ‘Especially, the faculties EEMCS, AE and 3mE requested to be able to use some of their favourite Altair applications on DelftBlue. It made sense for us to pursue a campus wide license that gives all faculty members and students access to all of Altair’s solutions. However, license management for a supercomputer like DelftBlue, with almost 1.500 users in more than 150 user groups, requires a little more attention than a simple workstation, laptop or private server. Fortunately, it all worked out. The campus-wide license is available to all employees and students of the TU Delft now.’ Additionally, the faculties of EEMCS, AE and 3mE will start using Altair’s software for research and education. To Altair’s news release.

All programs licensed by TU Delft can be found in:

Click here for more information about access, license and support.

See below for an overview of applications

Altair Simulation is a solution for the simulation of numerous physical tasks, for example structural design and optimization (HyperWorks, Optistruct, Radioss), electromagnetic computation (Feko and Flux), aerodynamic (ultrafluidX, nanofluidX, AcuSolve) particles (EDEM) or multi-body simulation (Motionsolve). 

Altair SimSolid is a unique simulation solution for rapid simulations of very large CAD data models - the solver delivers simulation results in seconds to minutes.

Altair Inspire includes solutions for simulation driven design, as well as manufacturing simulation for forming, casting, extrusion and foaming processes.

Altair Compose and Activate are a solution for model-based system simulation. Based on Python, OML and Modelica, users can build and simulate 1D models. Linked to this is modeling for electrical circuits with PSim.

Altair's data analytics solutions Rapidminer enables the new AI user to prepare and analyse data models for machine learning and AI applications with no coding required

The Altair Partner Alliance offers numerous third-party applications that can be included under the Altair license at no additional cost. Requests for a Partner Alliance license should be directed to Altair at