HVT group receive the “Red Book”, representing decades of transmission lines knowledge

Nieuws - 09 februari 2023 - Communication EWI

On Friday the 3rd of February, two copies of the EPRI Transmission Line Reference Book, better known as the “Red Book” was handed to Prof Peter Vaessen of the High-voltage technology section of the ESE department.  Andrew Phillips, Vice President, Transmission and Distribution Infrastructure explained EPRI’s motivation as follows: "For decades the EPRI Red Book has been a vital resource supporting the design and improvement of Overhead Transmission Lines.  By making revised copies available to emerging high voltage engineers at Delft University, EPRI hopes that it will inspire and inform the next generation of transmission line technology."  The Electric Power Research Institute is an independent non-profit energy research, development, and deployment organization, with three specialized labs, whose trusted experts collaborate with more than 450 companies in 45 countries, driving innovation to ensure the public has clean, safe, reliable, affordable, and equitable access to electricity across the globe.