Public lecture: Future Mars Missions at the European Space Agency

Nieuws - 03 mei 2023

Date: 16 May, 13:00-14:00h

Location: Fellowship building in Instruction Room 3. 

Speaker: Dr. Claire E. Parfitt, Systems Team Leader, Concurrent Design Facility ESA ESTEC

Future Mars Missions at the European Space Agency

It is an exciting time for space exploration as humans will soon move beyond low Earth orbit and return to the Moon for the first time in more than 50 years. In the next leap beyond the Moon, the European Space Agency plans an ambitious exploration strategy which will contribute to a huge international collaborative effort to see the first humans on Mars in the 2040s. This presentation will give you an overview of the work to be done to make this ambition a reality in the coming decade and beyond.

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Organised by Dr. Henriette Bier, Faculty of Architecture. This lecture is open for all with an interest in the subject. Registration is not necessary, but please keep in mind that the available seats are limited.

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