Teaching Support re-launch

Nieuws - 01 februari 2023 - Teaching Support

The website and service Teaching Support have been re-launched with a new look. The objective is that the Teaching & Learning Services (TLS), Education & Student Affairs (ESA) will organise and distribute the always-increasing amount of information lecturers need to teach effectively. Should you go to our old website, you will be redirected to our new one.

For several years, lecturers had to search where to go for help with challenges related to their teaching experience. The TLS team started the initiative to pool together all kinds of support that the lecturers need to teach effectively in one, easy-to-find portal: a one-stop-shop principle.

Now, all the services that TLS provides have been incorporated into Teaching-Support: technical support for educational tools, support for didactics or teaching practices, and training for campus or online teaching. This is also reflected on our new website, which launched on the 1st of February.

The website is the entry point for any education-related questions lecturers may have. Lecturers can also use it to do the following:
1.    Browse and search 250 pages of well-sourced, organised and up-to-date information. 
2.    Contact our dedicated support staff by phone or email for guidance, solutions and training.
3.    Refer to support services outside of TLS or to their own facultyā€™s didactic advisors.

In the coming year, we will continue to build closer relations with support bodies outside of TLS relevant to teaching, reducing the burden on lecturers to navigate the university looking for support. We will also further partner with the faculties to ensure their unique support requirements are aligned and faculty-specific teaching information is easy to access. It will be an exciting year!

Teaching-Support strives to be an easily accessible point of entry for lecturers to provide quality service, advice, and support, aimed at helping and improving teaching at TU Delft. We are very proud of this achievement; from all the staff at Teaching & Learning Services, we look forward to supporting you!

Teaching & Learning Services (TLS)