Westerdijk Prize for Aurèle Adam

Nieuws - 12 januari 2023 - Communication ImPhys

Aurèle Adam, Assistant Professor at ImPhys and Programme Director of the Applied Physics Master’s, has received this year’s Westerdijk Prize. Timon Idema presented the prize to the physicist for his great commitment to and passion for teaching.

Aurèle Adam is not satisfied with just being considered a good teacher, he is always looking for ways to improve; in courses, in the program, and in education in general. He is always open to new ideas, and actively seeks feedback, making sure that the ideas are implemented in the best possible way.

The VvTP noticed Adam’s commitment beyond what is traditionally considered education, such as helping international students get settled in Delft, and advising students about possible Bachelor’s and Master’s thesis projects. The students also praised his work in courses, especially in the introductory physics course on mechanics, waves and optics, in which “he enthusiastically introduces all first year students to physics and teaches them how to take their first steps in thinking as a physicist”.